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Science Education

Biological Science Education

This major is designed to produce teachers equipped to facilitate student learning in biology. It involves formal training in the field of biology as well as preparation of students as professional educators. Coursework in this major is designed to give broad training in the life sciences. Students take classes in plant and animal diversity, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution, and bioethics.

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Chemistry Education

This major is designed to prepare students to teach Chemistry in public schools. Chemistry is the study of matter, the changes undergone by matter, and the laws that govern those changes. Chemical principles are fundamental to the understanding of subjects ranging from the molecular basis of biology to the structure of rocks and minerals. Chemistry is an essential foundation in engineering disciplines, especially in chemical engineering, electronics, energy and environmental science, geology, pharmacy and medicine, and in virtually all manufacturing areas.

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Earth Space Science Education

The Earth Space Science Education major is designed to give broad training in traditional geological science courses with an emphasis on geological processes, Earth history, and human interaction with Earth. Students take multiple classes in geology, physics, chemistry, and astronomy. This training allows students to become competent science teachers and gives them a framework within which to pursue graduate studies if they so choose. The science curriculum is comprehensive enough to place students in teaching positions in both junior high and high school.

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Physics Education and Physical Science Education

The Physics Education degree is designed for those who plan to teach physics at the secondary level. It includes courses for teacher certification as well as a substantial array of physics courses designed to provide fundamental understanding of the discipline and perspective on science and its role in the modern world.

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