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There are several ways to connect with students at BYU. Some of the great options available to you are listed here.
  • Set up a virtual booth for 2 to 4 hours and have students stop by and visit you to find out more about your company and ask questions.

  • Host a complimentary information session virtually on Handshake.

  • Let us help you arrange an interview with candidates of interest on Handshake at no cost.

  • See our Recruiting Events Calendar to match your goals to the best event for your organization.

  • Digital advertisements distributed, as necessary.
    Handshake targeted emails and/or targeted text messaging to promote event or opportunity.

  • Take students on a virtual tour of your company and show them why they would love your industry or company.

  • Target specific clubs and build relationships with members through sponsorships (events), tech talks, day in the life, etc.

  • Give back by helping to give industry-specific resume reviews to eager students.

  • Show students your company culture in a fun way by ‘taking over’ one of our social media accounts.

  • Start a group to continue your recruiting and networking efforts within the BYU community.

  • Team up with faculty across campus to provide field experience to great new talent.