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Microbiology & Molecular Biology

BYU offers degrees in Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Medical Laboratory Science.

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Microbiologists study microscopic organisms like bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa to discover cures for diseases, increase growth and nutrition for our food supply, and safeguard the quality of life we enjoy. There are billions of species of microbes on our planet, and many different types of microbiologists that study them:

Molecular biologists study the fundamental functions of the Central Dogma of biology: how information stored, replicated and even mutated in DNA is regulated, repaired, persevered and transported via RNA into functional proteins, processes and system; and how those genes and proteins regulate every aspect of living organisms. From sequencing whole human genomes and precise genetic engendering of human genes to how environmental factors change (epi)genetic information passed through generations, molecular biologists use cutting edge technologies to understand the essentials of life.

Medical Laboratory Scientists are health care professionals who conduct special diagnostic tests in a lab to help discover the presence or absence of disease and provide important data that physicians use in diagnosing and treating their patients.

The Medical Laboratory Science degree provides a curriculum to train students to practice medical laboratory science in diagnostic laboratories or other health care related settings. Successful completion of the program qualifies the student to sit for certification examinations.

Students declare a Pre-MLS Major and are accepted into the program in their Junior year. Once in the program, students have two semesters of intensive coursework after which they intern in a clinical facility for six months.

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