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Physics & Astronomy

The Physics degree provides a solid grounding in physics as needed for contemporary applications of physics or further study of physics or astronomy. This is the degree students should pursue if they desire to continue with graduate study in physics, or if they desire to work in a research environment requiring a broad-based education in physics with significant depth in the principal subfields. This degree is also appropriate for those who want a solid foundation in a research science before pursuing professional study in business, law, medicine, or other areas.

The Physics and Astronomy degree provides a solid grounding in physics with an emphasis in astronomy. It is a strong physics degree which prepares students for graduate study in astronomy or astrophysics. It also provides a good background for graduate study in physics or for professional study in business, law, medicine, or other areas, while satisfying a strong undergraduate interest in astronomy.

The Applied Physics degree provides the basics of the discipline of physics while leaving great flexibility in the schedule for particular student interests in applied areas. It includes a student-selected, advisor-approved set of elective courses, 12 credit hours, that may be taken inside or outside the Department of Physics and Astronomy, tailored to individual student interests in applied physics. It is an excellent degree for those who may continue study in law, business or medicine, computer/information technology or in an engineering or another science area after the BS. It is also appropriate for those who wish to work in a science or technical area at the BS level in industry or government.

The Physics Education degree is designed for those who plan to teach physics at the secondary level. It includes courses for teacher certification as well as a substantial array of physics courses designed to provide fundamental understanding of the discipline and perspective on science and its role in the modern world.

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